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How Energy Affects  Your Health





the Master of
your life with love, gratitude, and conscious, focused intent.


Water For Humanity

Learn about Health, Healing and Vibration

Your perceptions can reveal unexpected views of reality and new perspectives.
 Use discernment.
Trust your gut.


Welcome! Do you know what you are really capable of?  Want to find out?
Enter higher realms of consciousness and discover your truth. Learn to expand
your perception, consciously create and shape YOUR reality


Maximize Your Potential - Restore balance in any area of your life! 


Health - Habits - Attitudes Relationships - and more!!


Concerned about EMF radiation? - Call for onsite inspection and solutions.

House Clearing - Is something giving you a creepy feeling? Clearing non-beneficial energies so your home feels good again.

Aura Imaging - Get a road map...

to the current health of your body, mind & soul.


Explore Consciousness  - Your beliefs create your limitations. Explore your boundaries with a supportive teacher. Learn how consciousness— energy that is nonlocal, non-linear, and intelligent can be tapped to create health & well being. I invite you to learn with me! Meets once a week. Call (518) 383-9066.  


Photography & Video Services

Capturing my imagination and yours!

Auric Field Photography

A man sits on 8,500 year old ancient stone structure ruins in Vermont, in multi-colored plasma field of subtle energy.

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Taking Conscious Awareness & Creation to New Heights!
Learn A Fascinating Body of Information
Explore invisible
realms... new perspectives of reality that empower, inspire & facilitate self-actualization.

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Everything is energy. What makes things different is the information held and carried in the energy.


Energy can be changed - cleared, enhanced & balanced using conscious intention.

Energy is

 and so are you!

Have You Checked Out My Book!
Unseen Worlds of
Subtle Energy:
Learning Group: It's All In The Mind  
Holistic Health/Self-Healing Options
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You create your reality. Focus your intention on what you want. You have more control over your life than you realize!

Quartz Crystals Are Alive & Conscious!

Selenite Crystals

Healing/Reiki Grid Sets

Tibet & Brazil Quartz Crystals

Mt. Ida, Arkansas Quartz Crystals

You exist in many dimensions/realities simultaneously...whether you realize it or not.


Consciousness is

physical and

our quantum multi-dimensional engine.

I offer assistance to people regardless of education or religion. I utilize quantum techniques, advanced technologies and wisdom. I can be reached at
(518) 383-9066 or
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Matter is energy. You are energy!

 A dense form, vibrating within the visual spectrum of light.


Once awake, freedom

to go beyond

time & space and

discover truths--

truth about god

are yours.


There is great power in conscious intention.


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